the arrival of Rusli Sibua, thousands of Morotai people flooded the Morotai streets -->

the arrival of Rusli Sibua, thousands of Morotai people flooded the Morotai streets

24 Mei 2022, Mei 24, 2022
Pasang iklan

Aspirasijabar | Morotai - Thousands of residents from various remote villages suddenly flooded Pitu Morotai Airport to pick up the former Regent of Morotai Island Regency, Rusli Sibua (RS), Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

The hospital arrived at Pitu Morotai Airport, around 01.05 WIT. He was greeted hysterically by thousands of residents who intercepted him at the airport exit. Residents pushed each other and scrambled for a handshake.

The shouts of 'Welcome to the Regent of Morotai 2024' echoed as the hospital walked towards his vehicle. From the top of the car, the hospital still had time to wave goodbye to other residents who did not have time to greet him.

Previously, from this media observation, since 11.00 WIT, residents have started to gather in the airport yard.

However, the number of people began to increase at 12:45 WIT, almost making the airport parking lot no longer able to accommodate vehicles. The arrival of these residents as a form of longing for the hospital.

Next, the hospital went straight to his residence in Muhajirin Village, South Morotai District. Unexpectedly, the number of vehicles accompanying the hospital trip stretched almost 5 kilometers.

Along the way the hospital was greeted by residents along the road. RS could only wave his hand from inside the car.

But in the middle of the road, suddenly a group of women desperately pushed their way through the crowd of passing vehicles and approached a slow-moving car just to shake hands and hug the hospital.

"Kiapa kong just got home, tong so inga kong," said the mothers with tears in their eyes.

The crowd grew when RS arrived at his residence. Hospitals also have to work hard with residents who are waiting to just shake hands.

The four tent units provided in the hospital's yard were unable to accommodate the number of residents who came.

Mohtar, a family member of the hospital, told reporters that the hospital came to Morotai to make a pilgrimage to his parents' graves.

"Then maybe only meeting with family. So we the family were also surprised when there was a welcome like this," said Mohtar.

However, the RS family is grateful to the residents for their welcome.

"Maybe this is part of their longing for him," he said.

Due to the large number of times, the family of the hospital was forced to hold a halal bihalal event.

"Because the residents have already arrived, maybe tonight after the Isa prayer there will be a halal bihalal event at Ko Uci's residence (RS)," said Mohtar.

Information on the arrival of the hospital to Morotai has recently become a hot discussion among the public.

RS is the former Regent of Morotai Island Regency for the 2011-2016 period. It's just that the hospital government trip only lasted 4 years. Because in mid-2015, the hospital had to face legal problems, after being named a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for the bribery case of former Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Akil Mokhtar in 2011.

The hospital also had to serve a 4-year prison term in Sukamiskin Prison. The hospital was finally declared free in 2020.

However, after being released from prison, the hospital did not even come to Morotai. This then left a deep longing for the Morotai community who had considered him the father of Morotai development.

With the news of the arrival of the hospital to Morotai, it is considered a new start for a number of Morotai people to find a new Morotai leader in the 2024 Pilkada, after being under economic pressure for 5 years under Benny-Asrun's leadership.