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Pasific University Morotai the "Good" Accreditation rating from BAN PT

12 Okt 2022, Oktober 12, 2022
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Aspirasijabar || Morotai-The National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT), officially issued a Decree, which stated that the Pacific University of Morotai, met the requirements for a Good Accreditation rating.

SK signed by the Executive Director of BAN PT with No. 1640/SK/BAN-Pt/Ak/PT/2022, valid from 11 October 2022 – 11 October 2027.

The Chancellor of the Morotai Pacific University, Irfan Hi Abd Rahman, told this media, Wednesday, October 12, 2022, that the Institutional Accreditation obtained is a new history of entering a decade of Unipas.

"Because for the first time Unipas has an accreditation rating, since it was founded in 2013. Unipas will continue to strengthen capacity and quality," said Irfan.

According to Irfan, the "Good" Accreditation rating from BAN PT is a form of recognition from the government and society that Unipas has advantages that are not inferior to other universities in North Maluku and Indonesia.

"The recognition of BAN PT Accreditation shows the real capacity and role of Unipas so far," he said.

Recognition in the form of accreditation is important for the academic community because it comes from an authoritative, trusted institution with an objective assessment method. Because in conducting the assessment, BAN PT involves experienced assessors using rigid instruments to produce a quality assessment.

"The accreditation strengthens public confidence that Unipas is a university located in the border area but its advantages are not limited," said Irfan.

Public trust in Unipas will have broad implications. For alumni, for example, the recognition that Unipas is a university on par with other universities will provide wider access, both in career development, further studies, and in social life.

As we know that in the labor market, accreditation of study programs and institutions is a variable that is quite taken into account, in addition to individual skills. Higher education graduates from accredited institutions will receive more assessments when compared to non-accredited institutions.

Unipas will continue to make efforts to improve quality in a planned and measurable manner so that the accreditation rating continues to improve. One of them is by reviewing a number of regulations, namely the 25-year Unipas Development Master Plan (RIP) so that it is more prospective for the future development of Unipas.

Irfan said that the institution's achievements should be grateful for. These results are evidence of the real work full of integrity of the entire Unipas academic community, lecturers, education staff, leaders, alumni, and partners. On the other hand, this achievement is also a big challenge.

"Unipas must continue to be able to innovate and be creative, to strengthen future capacity in this era of technological disruption," he said.(oje)